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     I have been flying since 1986 and instructing since 1995.  During that time I  have accumulated over 8,000 hours in airplanes and helicopters, with over 6,500 hours of dual flight instruction given. After obtaining my Private Pilots License here in San Diego, I served in the Army for six years flying both the UH-1 Huey Utility Helicopter and the AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter.
       Upon completion of my term of service, I returned to San Diego and have been instructing full time in airplanes for the last eighteen years. I instruct independently utilizing club aircraft at Montgomery Airport and am available for Private Pilot instruction, Commercial Pilot instruction, Instrument Pilot Instruction, Multi-Engine Instruction, Aircraft Checkouts, Biennial Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Currency Training, Local Area Orientations, on a Full-time basis.

       My training programs are focused on training quality and safety while trying to keep costs down. I have both FAA Commercial Helicopter and Airplane Single Engine Land with Instrument ratings, as well as FAA Flight Instructor Airplane, Instrument Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Flight Instructor, Advanced Ground Instructor, and Instrument Ground Instructor certificates.

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