Welcome aboard!

FlightSharer is the place for pilots to make contact with other pilots and student pilots for the purpose of sharing flights. Whether your goal is to build flight time, cut flying costs, socialize your flying, or share your experience, FlightSharer is here for your use.

This site is NOT for non-pilots seeking to travel with pilots in place of an air charter or airline service.  That is specifically prohibited by FAA regulations.  Please see the news section for more information.

Time Building

Trying to build flight time to qualify for an airline job?  Too expensive to do on your own?  Just place a listing with "Time Building, Night, Cross Country, or IFR" listed as your destination in our listing or wishlist sections.  Then wait for other pilots to contact you, or you can use our search feature to find them.

Share the Cost

Can't afford to fly anymore?  Trips to visit friends and relatives getting too expensive?   Invite other pilots to come along and share the expenses or find someone already going your way.

Share the Fun

Flying by yourself lost its thrill?  Want to meet other pilots who share your love for flying?  Reenergize your flying excitement by sharing a local or long distance adventure.

Share your Experience

Have skills and experience you want to share?  Want to learn from experienced pilots and flight instructors while saving money?  Try inviting pilots and student pilots to ride along or being a ride along yourself.  Instructors often find allowing prospective students to ride along helps them to catch the bug.




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